You've watched the video, you've read about the benefits, and you've seen the results men are experiencing in their lives. Now it's decision time!

Do you revert back to the way things were? If that's the case, close the window and keep on with the status-quo.

Or do you make a change in your life? If you're ready to TAKE ACTION, fill out the form on the right and let's do this.
Our goal is to help you get what you want out of life - that's it.

There's no other way to sugar coat this. 

You tell us what you want, we point you in the right direction, help you navigate this crazy ride called life, and the rest is history.

If we help you reach your goals, we've succeeded. If not, you leave - no questions asked.

Complete the form to the right and join me and the rest of the brothers inside the IRON COUNCIL.

If you're not quite ready, email me at I'll answer your question or concern right away, kick you in the pants, and see you on your way or welcome you to The Council...

Live Manfully,

Ryan Michler
Founder, Order of Man
Founder, The Iron Council
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Sal Vilardo

Iron Council Member

Have you ever had a group of men so close that you could share your most epic failures without fear of judgement? What about a band of brothers who would celebrate your most epic wins? 

The Iron Council is both of these. Unlike any mastermind you have seen, the Iron Council utilizes different communication methods to help men become more focused and aware of how the choose to show up each day. From Leadership and Self-Mastery to Relationships and Wealth, you and your battle buddy will walk through struggles and successes with action steps to move you forward in life. 

If you asked me 12-weeks ago what I thought my life would look like after the quarter, I wouldn't have come anywhere close to describing what is currently in the works.

Clayton Reed

Iron Council Member

As a member of this mastermind group, the expectations could not have been more on point when Ryan said, "We would get out of it what we put into it." I am learning daily how to tackle the necessary stressors of life.

The Council has helped prepare me to focus on key areas and increase my awareness of a well-rounded man. Although I'll tell you right now you will definitely come in contact with adversity, I have never been so appreciative of these guys and the journey.

We all come from different walks of life but I'll tell you this much - the impact this group will have on you is priceless! Be a man of change and allow God and this group to refine you daily!

Nick Boullion

Iron Council Member

Since I've been in The Iron Council, I have started my real estate investment business.

My regular job has required 81 hours/week. This Monday I moved to part time at about 45 hours/week. It's half the pay but I made the move to focus more on my business. Huge move for me. Pretty excited! 

It also frees up more time for me to focus on fitness, I see my kids more now, and my wife will be happier now that the house will be clean when she gets home.

I may not be on every call or post but I owe most of everything so far to this group. The guidance I get from reading comments and posts has done worlds for me in all areas of my life. Thanks guys!!
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