* VERY LIMITED - only 20 Spots available for this experience*

Thursday May 1, 2024 - Sun. May 4, 2025

Located in Pine Valley, UT

20 spots available!

Very Limited Event

Ryan Michler

Founder, Order of Man
What's Included in THE UPRISING

This experience has the power to change your life. You are going to walk away with the ability to connect more fully with the people in your life, the habits and skills to master your wealth, the tools and resources to take charge of your fitness, health, and nutrition, and the roadmap to control your destiny through discipline, commitment, and mastery.

These 20 spots are going to go quick. Claim your spot now!

The Experience
This is a 3 day men's retreat in the hills of Southern Utah (Pine Valley, UT). You'll have the opportunity to band with like-minded men and develop the frameworks needed to thrive.
The Mission
This 3-day experience is designed to give you the tools, resources, strategies, and roadmap to provide, protect, and preside over yourself and the ones you love the most.
The Iron 4
During your time in our cabin and on the grounds, you will be given world-class instruction in key competency areas including your relationships, your health, your wealth, and self-mastery.
The Package
This weekend is all inclusive. For just one low price you'll have access to all the programs, exercises, instruction, food, lodging, and swag. You get to Pine Valley, Utah and we'll take care of the rest.
The Brotherhood
More and more, men are becoming isolated. We may be constantly surrounded but have the inability to connect. This experience will help you forge new bonds that will last a lifetime.
The Details
We've created a line-up of activities, exercising, and events that will test and stretch you. Specific events vary from event to event. If you have questions email me at events@orderoman.com.
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